Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Delta Dining: NOLA in Indianola, Miss.

NOLA restaurant in Indianola.

The Delta. It's the best and worst of everything. I think sometimes the words "quaint" and "charming" double for "ignorant" and "lacking customer service skills," but whatever. People love the Delta for the people, who -- while they may move at their own speed -- are nothing if not friendly and eager to lend a helping hand. They also serve really good food, if you can get it.

Two weekends ago I journeyed 30 minutes away to Indianola to eat at Lost Dog Pizza Co. This was my third attempt to eat the famed pizza of this establishment. And again, my attempt was thwarted, but this time not due to my own poor planning. At 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night: It was closed. The sign on the door said, "On vacation until Tuesday"!

Small town businesses are just really not afraid to close at completely inappropriate times whenever the proprietors feel like vacationing -- or hunting, for that matter. I will never understand this. Sorry, Lost Dog! You'll get none of my dinero. Which is sad, because I've heard your pizza is awesome.

We headed on over to NOLA in Indianola's downtown, not far from the B.B King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center. NOLA has not served a disappointing dish yet. My fave is the Tuna Provencal, a seared tuna steak with crawfish tails, mushrooms, artichokes and ample amounts of garlic sauteed and served on top. My favorite booth has a "Gone With the Wind" poster.

NOLA was again a tasty experience, despite the fact they forgot our salads and brought them out after our entrees. Friendly smiles cover a multitude of foibles.

And we got free entertainment! A barber shop quartet -- the same talented gentlemen seen in the recent Indianola community theater presentation of "The Music Man" -- arrived to surprise a friend on her birthday and serenaded the restaurant with 50s tune for about half an hour.

But exactly what do you do when one's boyfriend's high school girlfriend's parents come over for a friendly visit to your table and show you pictures of the ex-girlfriend's kids while you try to eat said tasty tuna? The Delta has struck again. Still haven't quite processed that one ...


Brian said...

LMAO.......What some would consider "uninvited, inapropriate" dinner guest, is too funny! I've always wondered where I get my lack of "boundaries" issues from. Now I'm reminded after reading your article. It's obviously from being raised in the delta! LOL

Paige said...

Amy - we tried to go to Lost Dog that weekend too! Love that they close for vacation! We ended up going to the Bourbon Mall - always fun! Also, I saw the "Music Man" in Indianola - the barbershop guys are GREAT!!!

cindy said...

Yikes Amy! Is it bad that I know who you're talking about? :)